Our R&D department plays an important part in the relationship with our clients. The team includes experienced, trained chefs. To be able to screen new creations quickly in terms of practicality, our R&D centres have production-quality real-world equipment. Test productions make it possible to follow the transition from development to production closely.

Speed, after all, is our trademark. During development, we maintain very close contacts with the client's R&D departments. The test results go back and forth for evaluation quickly, making it possible to make changes equally quickly.

Brainstorming sessions are a tried and true way of generating ideas for new projects. But it's not always necessary to start from zero every time. Clients can also draw on the extensive recipe library that Noliko has built up over the years.

It goes without saying, of course, that full confidentiality is guaranteed for every collaboration.

Expert advice is the second strong suit of our Quality Assurance and R&D departments. How, for example, can clients bring existing preparations in line with new legislation concerning allergens? And how can you respond to shifting consumer preferences, such as the demand for less salt or calories?

Noliko also works closely with leading research institutions and universities. Our search for quality improvements, organoleptic optimisations and new methods of preservation never stops. Our clients can therefore always rely on a state-of-the-art result that will win consumers over.