Noliko is an internationally active food products company that is growing rapidly. We have been strong in the process of harvest-fresh vegetables and fruits for many years. Our second activity is closely related to the first: the preparation of ready-to-eat food products, such as soups, sauces, dips and pasta dishes.
With turnover of € 200 million, Noliko is one of the top 5 companies in Europe in this segment.

Noliko has grown to become the specialist in heat-treament preservation technologies. We combined classic methods such as appertisation (or sterlisation) and pasteurisation with a broad range of modern packaging options.

Our clients are primarily to be found among retailers and other food product manufacturers. Consumers sales under our own brands are only a small part of our turnover. Nevertheless, Noliko products are found throughout Europe. They usually find their way to the consumer as a house brand or an A-category brand produced for others.
In addition, Noliko is seeing strong growth in the hotel & catering market and the institutional kitchens.
Our core activities also see us as an important supplier of quality ingredients for other food-products manufacturers.

It goes without saying that quality assurance and food safety are the most important aspects in all of our company processes. The high-quality raw materials that we use are subject to stringent specifications. During processing, a reliable internal quality assurance system gurantees that the resulting products are of the highest quality.

Your products are in good hands with us.