Bulk distribution
Foodservice & Hotel and Catering

Noliko is the house supplier for most European retailers. Our user-freindly packages of vegetables, fruit, sauces and prepared meals are sized for the home chef. Countries and regions quite often have their own culinary traditions and preferences. So, in consultation with the client, we make changes to our recipes to make them palatable everywhere.

Noliko develops a range of useful products especially for the Foodservice, Hotel and Catering segments. That gives the institutional chef the possibility of service a large number of quality meals quickly. Our packages are, of course, adapted to the newest technological developments in large institutional kitchens.

Other food-preparation manufacturers are welcome to call on Noliko for semi-finished products. So, with a brief intermezzo, our quality products find their way to an every broader range of ready-to-eat meals, salads and other recipes. In consultation with clients, we develop the desired volume sizes and the most suitable type of packaging.

Noliko has a strong R&D department. Brand marketers who want to outsource a new development will find that we are the ideal partner. With the greatest respect for confidentiality, of course.

For co-packing, too, the basic principle is “anything goes”. We are always interested in hearing from clients who want us to do something with their ingredients or packaging.

For information or questions, contact us on +32 (0) 89 47 38 00 or reception@noliko.be