Pastas - from classics to trendy








Noliko is an authority in the field of pasta preparations using the classical recipes from the Italian cucina. With half a century of experience, we have earned our place among the most experienced and expert producers in Europe.

With our pasta range, we are actively responding to the growing group of single-person households and to the trend of the different eating schedules in families. The newest production and packaging options made it possible for us to develop a wide range of ready-to-eat pasta meals. Packaged in microwavable freshness packs, they are ideal as the main meal or as a nutritious snack. In no time, everyone can be sitting at the table with a steaming plate of delicious ravioli, spaghetti or tortellini.

All of our pastas - whether in cans, glass jars or foil packaging - can be kept at ambient room temperature.



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