Sauces - world cuisine (ready to eat) on your plate



Noliko is at the top of the European sauce tables, with tailor-made sauces from the four corners of the world. All of our sauces are based on the original recipes developed by master chefs and meticulously taste-tested by selected testing panels.
For optimal ease of use, all of our sauces can be kept at ambient room temperatures. Our modern production facilities make it possible to deliver those sauces in all possible packaging variations. From small to large, from glass to plastic.



With our cooking sauces, consumers can magically and easily bring the flavours of the world to their plates. From Italian pasta sauces to Indian-style dishes such as Chicken Tikka Masala or other Asian classics such as sweet-and-sour sauce, everyone's hunger will be satisfied. We would be pleased to join you in investigating the possibilities of bringing other, less well known world cuisines into your customers' kitchens.

For the trendy home chef who loves to wok and stir fry, we offer a range of typical wok sauces, such as Ketjap, Pangang, etc.








Our culinary cream sauces are the ideal companion for fish, meat and vegetables from the Flemish or French cuisines. A delicious succulent steak with a creamy pepper sauce, or a fish filet with a soft tarragon sauce: our culinary cream sauces turn every cook into a five-star chef. Handily packaged in a specially developed freshness pack, they can be heated up quickly in the microwave.

Dedicated hobby chefs can count on us, too: for her - or him -, we offer a range of bases, the classic foundation for the most delicious sauces.








Olives or olive oil, fresh basil or sun-dried tomato: with our pestos and tapenades, the healthy Mediterranean kitchen also gets the attention that it deserves. Toasted bread with a delicious tapenade on the table as a starter and the holiday is only a memory away.

And we must not forget the other southern cuisines from across the Atlantic Ocean. We have developed an extensive range especially for lovers of Mexican food. You can read all about it in the section on “Tex Mex” recipes.







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