Soup - once again in the place of honour that it deserves

Soup is “hot” - or, for those who prefer a fresh gazpacho “cool” - again. The reason is simple: soup is balanced. Low in calories, but rich in fibre, vitamines and fresh vegetables. And when you say 'fresh vegetables', you think 'Noliko'.
So you can always count on us for an extensive range of soups, in basic tastes or enriched to become festive premium soups.

Soup is a world dish. Every region, every season has its own soup culture and soup recipe. To do justice to that variety and richness, we are delighted to harmonise our recipes to the wishes and specifications of our clients.

And the choice of packaging is broad: from cans to glass jars to modern freshness packs, from small packages to large volumes. Even single-person portions, as a healthy snack ready for the microwave, are possible.

In addition to ready-to-eat soups, Noliko also offers the culinary basis for those who want to do it themselves: a broad range of bouillons.

All of our soups can be stored at ambient room temperatures.


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