Tex Mex sauces - cooking deliciously interactively

Tex Mex is the ideal finger food dish and the gurantee for a pleasant and successful evening.

Would you like to warm things up by dipping delicious tortilla chips in one of our tomato-based salsas, from mild to very hot. Or maybe prefer a guacamole or sour cream dip? Mucho tips for dips thanks to the Tex Mex range from Noliko.

But there is more. Such as: adding taste to meat with a sharp sauce, filling a taco shell and finishing it off with a burrito or fajita sauce... Or enjoying the true Tex Mex classic dish: tasty, authentic chili con carne.

Our spicy Tex Mex assortment is available in all sizes and weights, from individual portions (70 gr) to hotel & catering packages of 4 kg. And, of course, Noliko also offers a broad selection of packaging materials.

All of our Tex Mex sauces can be stored at ambient room temperature.


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