For many years, Noliko has been the address for an extensive range of carefully selected quality vegetables. Freshness is the keyword here: our production lines are filled with field-fresh vegetables virtually all year round.

The harvest period starts at the beginning of May with the first summer vegetables. Over the next few months of summer and autumn, one harvest follows another, only ending in the early spring of the following year with the last winter vegetables.

But today, in every kitchen and every restaurant, the whole world passes in review. Noliko is responding actively to the growing popularity of the world cuisines. With a varied range of exotic vegetables, carefully selected by our experienced buyers who are active around the world.

To complete the range of vegetables on offer, the Noliko range also includes various vegetable combinations and an extensive selection oflegumes.


Vegetable preparations








From ready-to-eat classics for the home chef to the tailored development of new preparations for professional users: vegetable preparations are among the core competencies of Noliko.

Home classics include white beans in tomato sauce or our Tex Mex version with chili beans.

We also develop delicious vegetable dishes along with and for the professional chef, ready-to-use in the foodservice environment. After being heated “au bain marie” or in the combi-steamer, the most delicious vegetable dishes are ready to serve.

The client always has the final say in the finishing touches. Our selection is broad: from the specific seasoning of the vegetables, to enrichment with other taste-enhancers, to complete preparation with a creamy or savoury sauce.

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