Quality vegetable processing starts with good crop planning. Noliko has been investing in this area for years, in collaboration with a permanent group of 300 selected growers. They meet our stringent quality requirements day in and day out.

Because quality doesn't happen by itself. Noliko has built up 40 years of experience in managing the entire chain, from seeds to crop planning to field-fresh delivery to the processing lines. It is a complex process that runs smoothly because of our expert and experienced team of agricultural engineers and crop experts.



Through our growers, Noliko exploits approximately 4,500 ha of agricultural land, all of it within a radius of 100 km of Bree. The variation in soil types within this region and expert water management results in maximum yields. It also spreads the risk against threats to harvesting, ensuring that the planned supply of fresh products is guaranteed.

Using the most modern techniques, our quality assurance starts right on the field. They create an automatic link between crop data, GPS data and harvesting and transport information. Add to that our detailed procedures, which are checked by external auditors, and the intensive exchanges between the growers and our crop supervisors, and it will be clear that Noliko guarantees total traceability throughout the chain. One hundred percent.