"Integrated environmental controls from raw materials to finished product" is our motto

The award of the ISO 140001 standard for environmental care is the crowning achievement for Noliko's integrated environmental management - from raw materials to finished product.

For Noliko, environmental management has three components: prevention, re-use and recycling.

Prevention applies to all areas: from reducing our energy consumption to preventing odour and sound emissions to neutralising all production-related by-products.

In terms of energy, Noliko voluntarily joined the Energy Efficiency Benchmarking Covenant. That includes the implementation of new energy technologies, such as Combined Heat and Power (CHP).
And we also work constantly on the prevention, processing and valorisation of waste. With results.

Noliko is among the leaders in the area of careful water management. With both an aerobic and anaerobic water-purification installation, good for 150,000 resident-equivalents, we recognise the importance of pure water. As a food-products company, we feel that it is our mission and our responsibility: dealing respectfully with this natural, and life-giving resource.